The Immanuel Velikovsky Theories That Outraged Mainstream Scientists [FULL VIDEO]

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One of the most controversial theories put forward, and ultimately rejected from mainstream science and history was that of Immanuel Velikovsky. He seemed to outrage mainstream thinking in 1950 when he released his book “Worlds in Collision” and stated that cataclysmic disasters recorded in the Bible – and echoed in other ancient writings such as the Ancient Egyptians, the Mayas to name just two – were “convulsions of the Universe” that our ancestors deep in antiquity witnessed first-hand, including Venus and Mars being dragged into orbits too close to Earth.

If there is evidence and proof that differs from our “accepted” version of history, more than “if” it is being covered up from the general population we should ask, why? Why would this knowledge want to be hidden from us? Is it because “they” feel that organised religion would suffer and essentially be made irrelevant should we discover that our history on Earth is not as we have been taught? Is it simply to save the embarrassment and laborious task of having to rewrite our history as we thought we knew it?

Recorded at Glastonbury Smposium

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