First time ever inside view of Hujra-e-Rasool (saws)

24 Jul 2014 03:52 558
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Important Note: there is a tomb like structure seen in the video (don't know what it is) and it is not of prophet muhammed (saws). Actually the grave of Rasoolullah (saws) and Abu Bakr and Umar (may ALLAH be pleased with them all) is enclosed completely without even a window or a door in a double enclosed wall (Sealed off completely from all sides). No man has ever seen the the actual grave of them since the first islamic centuary since it was when the enclosure was completely sealed off, except for a few in the eight islamic centuary when the wall was broken but immediately repaired. Therein No was was fortunate enough to see the grave of Rasoolullah (saws).
What we can see in this video is the area surrounding the enclosed walls of the Scared Chamber covered with weave made of pure silk, green in color. Also there are lamps hanging from the chamber ceiling, which were old gifts that would be given to the Mosque of the Prophet in ancient times.

First time ever inside view of the scared chamber of ROZA-E-RASOOL(saws). Genuine Images of inside view of Hujr-e-Rasool
(saws). Overall ALLAH knows the best.

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