|Cartoons for kids| Being brave - Reggy can't swim

25 Jun 2019 04:03 18
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Reggy the Dog and Sammy the Horse have to cross the water, but Reggy's afraid to jump. How can you encourage a friend to be brave, and help a help them if they need you? Let's see what Sammy does to support Reggy!

If your parents wonder what you're watching, just tell them:
"Peppy Pals is a Swedish brand producing award-winning and research-based games, e-books, movies and activities designed to teach all children 2-8 years old about Social and Emotional Intelligence through storytelling and humor. In the app, Peppy Pals Social Skills, kids ages 2-8 learn to better understand their own and others emotions, work together, manage stress and create healthy relationships. Instead of chasing stars or scores, children get a happy friend and a hug as feedback."

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