Popular HD Cartoon Story for Kids | Telivaina Rytu & Konga Telugu Moral Stories for Children

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Popular HD cartoon story for kids, Telivaina Rytu & Konga Telugu moral stories for children. Here is Telugu Animated Short Stories for toddlers and babies. Also watch Garva Bhangam, Veera Raman Telugu stories in this video. Do not miss these amazing moral tales to teach your kids.

Tenali Rama krishna stories, fondly remembered as Tenali Raman is right here to show you his amazingly witty and tricky acts in Garva Bhangam, Veera Raman.These are a few stories that show the prominence of Tenali Rama Krishna who was known for his wit and humor. Watch and have utmost fun kids!!

Moral Stories for kids- Telivaina rytu, Telivigala Konga Takkari Nakka

Sadanand is a poor farmer who lived near the village of Hastinapura. One day asusual, he had been to his farm with his cattles to plough the field. The cattle and the plough were not able to move at one particular place. The farmer digged the place and found a pot which spoke to him. Watch to know who was in that pot and what happened next...
Moral of the story - Do not panic in any situation, Keep calm and use your brain.

In a forest, there was a big pond. A flock of cranes lived near the pond. They fed on the fish in the pond and lived happily.In the same forest lived a cunning fox who slowly became friends with one of the cranes. One day the fox invited the crane for dinner. Watch the video to know what happened next..
Moral of the Story - Tit for Tat

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