How to Sew Wrap Skirt | Easy Tutorial

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In today video i'm showing you how i sew front fold skirt. This skirt its like a pencil skirt but have a fold at front to make it easy to walk.

In Malaysia we usually wear it with our signature tradition garments which is Kebaya.

The pattern paper that i use is one of my sewing pattern collections BUT I only sell it for Malaysian only.

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Drafting Abaya/Maxi Dress =
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Drafting Straight Pants =
Drafting Basic Princess Cut =
Drafting Basic Sleeve Pattern =
Drafting Basic Bodice Pattern =
Sewing Gathered Abaya =
Sewing Circle Top =
Sewing Ruffled Top =
Swing Lacey Dress =
Neckline Finishing =
Sewing Invisible Zipper =

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Hi and welcome to my channel! 😊 My name is idzyan, I'm a 29 year old dressmaker who is currently living in Malaysia! I've been sewing for four years now and focusing on Women garments only. i love sewing! I never look back when i started to sew 4 years ago! i am lucky that i find my truly passion. Practice make perfects!

I made this channel to share my passion on pattern making, sewing, and diys. I am NOT a teacher 👩‍🏫 i'm just sharing my little knowledge and techniques that i only know with you guys as part of sedekah.

Thank you for supporting me!
Thank you for watching my videos!
Thank you for being nice with me!
I really appreciate that 😊

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