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Hey guys, welcome back to Ableton online. We are diving into lesson 4 of unit 4 selected track control.

So named for the midi remote script that allows me to do such cool things in this program, I can't get to describe it to you, I think I'll just go ahead and show it to you.

So I'm gonna dive in to the preferences in Ableton and you can see that under control surface here, I've got the 2nd and the 3rd control surface set to so like the track can show now, odds are you're not gonna see selected track control in your controls surface list here because we've gotta go and grab it online off the internet and install it into our actual ableton dot app bundle, okay, our app package contents, okay.

So right now I have this set up and just notice two things, I've got my LPD8 input output as the physical inputs for selected track control and I've got also got committee input and committee output okay were gonna committee next lesson.

Committee allows similarly awesome and easy and tactile control over Ableton, but instead of using a midi device you're gonna use your computer keyboard to extend the functionality of Ableton's keyboard commands, okay

So really, just a lot of handy efficient ways to interact with Ableton with both selected track control with a midi device and selected track control with committee.

So first things first lets go ahead and jump online and lets just do a search for selected track control, okay, and go ahead and follow along with me as we go to this process, okay, because this is, as I promise, going to be the same exact process that we’re gonna use to install any midi device controller scripts that you might need that are lacking from Ableton as is, that you might need to interface correctly with Ableton using your midi device, okay, so follow along and worst case scenario you have selected track control installed and ready to go and when I show you what it can do I'm pretty confident you're gonna agree it's worth it, okay.

So I'm gonna type selected track control into my Google search up here and just hit enter, okay, the very first result, okay, that’s what we’re looking for okay, so go ahead and click that and on the home page you’re gonna see a quick description of what selected track control is, it’s a midi remote script a.k.a control surface for Ableton live, it adds support for controlling the currently selected track and device as well as other global controls, be it simple common midi messages, okay, so it gives you a short list and there’s also a midi implementation chart which will show you a full list of all of the commands you can assign with your midi controller through selected track control to interact with Ableton.

So we’re gonna do first and foremost, is we’re gonna go ahead and download STC, okay, the latest version is 1.2.9 and it will work with version 7 8 or 9 of Ableton live and while I'm at it I'm going to go ahead and download committee as well, if you're on a mac it runs flawlessly and they've even figured out the windows integration, I guess, so check that out.

So I'm gonna go ahead and jump into live and I'm gonna pull up my downloads here, okay, and I see that the zip file for STC 1.2.9 was opened and this is the folder that I'm looking for, selected _track_control, this guy right here, okay, the one with all the .py files, okay, because what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna open up a new finder window and navigate to where my applications are, find my Ableton .app, my Ableton app file and I'm gonna right click it and show package contents, okay, little bit getting into some nitty gritty details here but follow along, okay, it’s pretty straight forward we’re gonna click contents and then were gonna click at resources and then we’re gonna click midi remote scripts and if you look along the bottom of this finder window here you're gonna see a full file path so just follow that and if I scroll down you see that I've already added this to my midi remote scripts folder, okay...

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