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An unexpected discovery forces an undocumented motel employee to make a life changing decision.

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Riz, a young ambitious immigrant, works at a small motel in pursuit of her American dream in the land of promise and opportunity.

But an unexpected discovery threatens to derail her pursuit of happiness, and she's forced to make a life-changing decision.

Director Sonejuhi Sinha has crafted a dramatic short that combines poetic beauty with quiet tension, developing an intimate portrait of a young woman whose hopes and dreams hang on a tenuous thread. The camerawork is intimate yet restless, capturing the small gestures and glances that speak volumes about the unvoiced fears that underlie Riz's fraught existence.

The direction brings to life a script that's both psychologically acute and insightful about the pressures and fears that immigrant young women face, and the editing stitches together the story with a sense of grace and fluidity while keeping the tension of Riz's story alive.

"Love Comes Later," which screened in competition at Cannes in 2015, becomes not only a rich portrait about a young woman and a seminal moment in her life, but a powerful exercise in compassion -- a perfect example of art's ability to let others walk in another's shoes and go on a journey.

Sonejuhi is currently in post-production on her narrative feature "Stray Dolls."

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Love Comes Later by Sonejuhi Sinha (Omeleto Premiere)


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