DJI Phantom LiPo Battery not charging on Smart charger - How to force it!

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DJI Phantom 2 or 3 battery not charging or faulty? Force your LiPo (Lithium Polymer) smart charger to talk to your batteries. You may not have faulty batteries after all! Batteries not charging. See if this helps!

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Please see new video from an expert on LiPo batteries (Online soon) DJI phantom lipo batteries not charging

You may have experienced a situation where your batteries refuse to take a full charge or any charge at all.

A number of people have sent their batteries back for this very reason, so before you do that, have a look at this little segment....

If the smart charger thinks the battery is full or detects too much residual charge, it will not go into "top up" mode or may even switch off the charging function....

I find this can happen if you come back to bench with a half full battery or the charger is disconnected a little early.

This might be caused from use of a timer shutting down charging early, a power failure at the wrong time or even when the batteries have been sitting around for a while and have discharged themselves, but still have enough charge in them to trick
the charger .

I've even had days where we go into the field and put in what should be, freshly charged batteries only to find they are completely empty, as the charger got it wrong.

And then it won't take another charge again at all. ... ever!

As one subscriber mentioned, its pretty dumb for such a smart charger!

The crazy thing is, they tell you to store LiPo batteries at around 30% and yet if you take these batteries off charge early (At about 30%), they may not take another charge until empty, or worse still.... they get locked up reading too much charge to ever accept a charge again.

ok... so here's an easy work around we find works a treat!

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