Little Hooves Foaling Cam 2

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Live broadcast 24/7 365 days a year from Washington state, USA. The horses of Little Hooves and Cascadia are rotated through the stalls depending on who will be foaling next. Chat rules below.

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Q. How often are the horses' stalls cleaned?
A.The horses have their stalls cleaned twice a day.

Q. When are horses turned out?
A. We let foaling mares out a few days to a few weeks after they've had their foals. However, the Department of Ecology has restricted our access to our pasture during the rainy weather because of its proximity to the river. Our farm receives over 6 feet of rain per year, mostly from October through April.

Q. How long will this live stream go?
A. Indefinitely. We try to keep the stream going 24/7/365 with some minor downtime with power outages or storms. We rotate horses so there is always a horse to watch on camera.

No personal attacks.

No self-promotion or links to other channels (We invest a lot of time, money, and effort making this a live stream available, and do not appreciate others siphoning from our viewership.)

If it can't be said on cable TV in the USA, it can't be said here.

Sentences in ALL CAPS not allowed, but a few words within a sentence capped for expression is OK.

No politics, no religion, no game promotion/talk.

Limit your use of single-word comments and emojis (multiple comments like these can overrun the chat and make it hard for people to have discussions).

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