All about superheroes on Hands On Crafts for Kids (1803)

01 Jun 2017 28:01 0
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Who’s your favorite superhero? Katie Hacker creates a utility belt using Pepperell Crafts’ parachute cord to boost your super powers. She adds a compass and carabiners connecting the belt with a Signal Whistle Buckle. Jenny Barnett-Rohrs makes a hero emblem for your room. She downloads pixel image art from the internet to use as a guide. Then she colors the image using Elmer’s® Classic Glitter Glue on plastic canvas. Franz Spohn shows how to draw yourself into a comic book hero. He creates fun images using Canson’s tracing and mixed media papers. He adds color with Faber-Castell’s® Gel Crayons, Connector Pens, and Colored Eco Pencils. Then, Katie makes Kryptonite soap with a glycerin soap base and green soap dye. Spend a rainy day making superhero accessories like these from Hands On Crafts for Kids.

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