5-STAR HOTEL TOUR in Las Vegas ♦ Italian Fine Dining Experience

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Today I give you a tour of a Five Star Hotel we stayed in Las Vegas! The building was so big that we got lost multiple times. Can you believe it's home to more than 15 restaurants? All under one roof, including a casino, spa, nightclub, fitness center, swimming pool, and more. We stayed for five days and four nights, which was not enough time to try everything inside. SO MUCH FOOD AND ENTERTAINMENT. After all, we're in the city of excess. Watch the video for the peek inside! (Note: This video was filmed during CES 2018. In light of recent events, name of hotel will not be revealed directly/vocally at this time.)

Thanks to CTA for inviting me to CES!
CTA website: https://cta.tech/
CES website: https://www.ces.tech/


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