Master Density Class 2.0 ~ Advanced Pay Per View

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We explored all advanced concepts and teachings of the Densities and Dimensions and ALL aspects of the Universal Construct. Each person who registers live will get a parting gift and recording of the event !
All sorts of questions people asked n universal construct was covered. This video covered all of this, as well as universal construct, Matrixes, harmonic levels, incarnation cycles, plus much much more. What I can share with you now is this will be a bit more on the advanced side than our last event. The last event TReb and Aridif gauged the audience as a collective, and still shared allot of great things, but there is so many things to cover, we will find it hard to cover it all in any one given time. I suggest to you all to do some watching/listening to some of the previous works as a prerequisite. The links below will help you all understand the material that will be shared soon at a MUCH higher rate. The videos below are the Density Master Class 101 which I shared last year in Blogtalk and Youtube.
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Video edited by Kalina Angell
Intro vid  CG by Farzad Ghaffari & then by  Ron Bizzle.
Intro music "Shores of Avalon" Kevin MacLeod. Licensed under CC and Royalty Free
Outro "Santo Capella" by Cho Horpe
Graphics by - Anono Mis

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