Why do rats make great pets?

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Rat make amazing pets.


Some people think that rats are disgusting and they're vermin creatures. This isn't true. As a matter of fact, rats carry less disease than dogs.

They're extremely clean animals. They spend the majority of their time awake cleaning themselves and other cage mates, and can even be litter trained extremely easily.

They're very social, and LOVE your company. They will happily cuddle with you, and will wake up to come and socialise with you.

Unlike other cage animals, they very rarely bite. I have never been bitten by a rat. They sometimes give you little kisses by licking your hands.

Once you have bought the cage and accessories they're not that expensive to look after. I'd say for a pair of rats it would cost about 5-10 pound a month.

They're easy to introduce to other rats, so if you want to buy more you don't need to have another cage.

Best of all: They're easy to look after. As long as you have food, and have the patience to clean their cage out at least once a week then they will be extremely easy to look after!

And that's why rats make great pets!

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