17 Things Flight Attendants Want You to Know

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Flight Attendants keep us safe in the air, but they also want to be able to do their job. So here are 17 things that Flight Attendants want flyers, travelers and vacationers to know when they board the plane.
1. Flight Attendants are not your mother.
2. Don't blame the flight attendants for plane delays if it is out of their control.
3. The plane is just a glorified version of public transportation so everyone is treated equal.
4. Have your stuff ready when you board the plane so you do not keep people from boarding and blocking the aisle.
5. Have your order ready when the flight attendant comes by, you know it is chicken or pasta
6. Please be specific with your drink orders. Your "regular coffee" may not mean the same, say Coffee Black or Coffee 2 sugars one cream.
7. Parents have your kids' orders ready too
8. Diet soda isn't a thing, tell them Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi or Diet Sprite.
9. Tell the flight attendants when you get on the plane about any allergies you have.
10. If you need anything to help you take medicine bring it with you. The plane may not have food and they may not be allowed to bring you a drink for awhile.
11. Pay attention to the safety briefing. It could save your life.
12. If your neighbor rings the call bell and orders something order with them instead of waiting for the flight attendant to come back and send them on another trip back to the galley.
13. Give the flight attendants your trash. It makes a difference on the turnaround time.
14. Stay in your seat until the seat belt sign goes off.
15. Parents, please do not let your kids use the plane as a jungle gym.
16. Bring stuff to entertain your kids and snacks.
17. Parents, don't get drunk on the plane and expect flight attendants to entertain your children.

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