When 10k RPM ISN'T ENOUGH! Craziest Turbo Accelerations! [Must Watch] BoostLust

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When 10k rpm isn't enough, CRAZY Accelerations, Huge Turbo cars, burnouts and no traction at all! lol Lot's of crazy loud exhausts, 2step antilag, backfire, straight pipe and all the good stuff !
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For health reasons I do not make voiceovers, BUT, I love editing and transforming the meaning of the video, giving it a funny, educational and entertaining twist. (edits + text commentary)
Credits given to those who chosen to be credited for the video submition.
From 1000hp or even 2000hp GTR and turbo Supra to 3000hp 14k Evo! oh, and some rotary 13b with big turbos and fast launch! Big turbo honda with no traction, b18 turbo, k20 turbo, BMW s50 Turbo, Audi 5 cylinder, BOV wastegate and flutter sounds, obviously !
From UAE, USA, Japan to Europe..
Hope you guys enjoy the edits :D Thank you so much for watching !

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Credits ( Full Links )

Amazing RX7 Drift sound
@aaparkah.300 - http://bit.ly/2Opr0eB

2000hp Nissan GT-R r35
@alphaomega_performance - http://bit.ly/2CFr6bv

Audi b4
@amsautowerks - http://bit.ly/2CceNST

b18 Turbo Honda Civic
@asrersy - http://bit.ly/2A1kPGt

Big Turbo Rx7
@baconrx7 - http://bit.ly/2pPnZFB

Big Turbo Supra burnout and launch
@bosssupra - http://bit.ly/2NCTxIg

Evo spinning all 4
@elijaah_m - http://bit.ly/2yg6a7b

12k rpm honda shifting
@eriik_l - http://bit.ly/2On7U8L

10k rpm Nissan GTR r32
@evlr32_gtr - http://bit.ly/2yyQTxI

3000hp 14k rpm Evo
@extreme_tuners_official_page - http://bit.ly/2CHdUmv

Supra Rolling Burnout
@incebeyulubay - http://bit.ly/2pPJQMY

Supra Drag Launch with loud antilag
@ipalpha - http://bit.ly/2paeP4u

1000hp Audi s2 Huge Turbo
@kennybjork - http://bit.ly/2CfMwL8

12k rpm Shift
@modified_rides_kt - http://bit.ly/2yCnFxE

BMW s50 Turbo
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Audi (r)s4
@philippkaess - http://bit.ly/2CaakjM

Toyota Supra idle and launch
@purefunction_ - http://bit.ly/2PvPlvE

Turbo civic " there's no such thing as too much boost "
@rdd_tk - http://bit.ly/2OmVQEy

Nissan s13 RB25 long burnout
@rfbzealand - http://bit.ly/2RJZhDd
@dylzgrindrod - http://bit.ly/2QOmoLG

Mazda Rx7 Rev Limiter
@rx7uae - http://bit.ly/2A8JiId

Turbo Honda with hood coming off
@stevie_b_that_fast_guy - http://bit.ly/2CGNwt1

Last Supra Launch
@trcperformance - http://bit.ly/2pQCpFy

Last GTR r32 Launch
@war32_ - http://bit.ly/2OmDzqH


Syn Cole - Feel Good [NCS Release]
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