This was an IMPRESSIVE Aquarium!!

04 May 2017 12:54 837
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I was pleasantly surprised by the downtown Denver aquarium! Based on the mixed reviews i heard, i wasn’t expecting much. However, I was certainly impressed! Maybe it was because I love and keep some of the freshwater fish there, or because i got to play around with some rays… Ultimately, this was much larger and far more impressive than i thought it was going to be. I filmed this a few months ago while in Denver before my trip back home from Reefstock where i gave a presentation. I filmed much more footage than is shown in this video and there is at LEAST twice as many aquarium as shown… BUT a lot of these tanks are lit by the natural sunlight that pours in from the ceiling. I went at night time not knowing this, so unfortunately it was too difficult to film or see into most of the tanks. I did however figure i would share this experience with you guys anyways. The fish were MASSIVE monster sized animals! Especially that freshwater section. A very good reminder how big some of these guys get and how long they can live for! Perhaps its something to think about before you decide to make an impulse buy and get yourself in over your head with these.

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