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The 65th Sydney Film Festival – 6-17 June 2018

Stanley Kubrick’s often neglected right-hand man, Leon Vitali, reveals his boundless devotion to the legendary director of 2001: A Space Odyssey in this intriguing documentary.
After numerous roles on British television, Vitali was on the verge of an international acting career when he starred in Kubrick’s 1975 film, Barry Lyndon. The experience changed his life. Driven by his fascination for Kubrick and the filmmaker’s creative approach, he unpredictably switched focus. With the notable exception of Eyes Wide Shut, Vitali spent the rest of his working life behind-the-scenes on Kubrick films. A notorious control freak, Kubrick expected Vitali to tackle everything from casting to making endless notes and tracking prints, at any hour of the day or night. Tony Zierra’s film provides a unique insight into the working processes of this infamously private director, alongside the story of one man’s life-changing obsession.

The film honours the hard-working, often unacknowledged craftsmen in the film industry and stirs provocative questions about the fine line between legitimate devotion to an artist and dangerous hero worship. – Stephen Farber, The Hollywood Reporter

Cinema would be much the poorer without Stanley Kubrick's legacy, but Filmworker emphatically proves that Stanley Kubrick's legacy would be much the poorer without Leon Vitali. – Jessica Kiang, The Playlist

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