You’ll Never Need To Worry About Your Pet’s Water Again

26 Jun 2018 01:53 15
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If you’re tired of constantly cleaning your pet’s water, you’re going to love this.

You can now buy a pet water sterilizer. It’s similar to regular water bowl dispensers, only these ones are self-cleaning. Let’s dive into the info behind them.

Water sterilizers can help to fight bacteria that’ll form in your animals bowl overtime from not cleaning it. Think about it, you wouldn’t want to drink out of a glass that’s been out for a few days, so why should your pet? A study has shown that a specific bacteria called Serratia Marcescens, also known as “pink stuff” will form in your animals dish, and as you can imagine, it’s not too healthy for your little guy. It’s not severely deadly, but it has been known to cause infection.



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