Don't quit your desk job (if you want to save the world) | Jacqui Hocking | TEDxPickeringStreet

30 Nov 2016 06:44 1
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In an age where everyone seems to be quitting their desk jobs to change the world, filmmaker Jacqui is here to share why you shouldn't quit your job if you want to make a difference.

Jacqui Hocking is on a life journey to help companies #DiscoverPurpose.

Co-founder of LateNite Films in Melbourne and Gone Adventurin’ in Singapore, she believes it is always possible for companies to integrate social & environmental solutions into a profitable part of business.

She began her career as a documentary filmmaker, with the UN TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition sailing around the world, collecting global solutions for climate change.

From supply chains in Indonesia to Maasai Warriors in Tanzania, Sherpas on Mount Everest, carbon offset projects in the Amazon Rainforest and Iguanas on the Galapagos Islands, she has captured stories all over the world.

Passionate about innovative in storytelling, she helped co-found StoryCode in Singapore, hosts a monthly networking drinks for creatives, and is building the first ever Singapore Eco Film Festival to launch October 2016.

Her answer to most questions is: ALWAYS POSSIBLE.

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