I GOT TWO NEW PETS! My Purchases from the Texas Reptile Expo

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MY PACMAN FROG SAGA CONTINUES. Everyone was real curious after my "frog butt" video as to what the fate of Jupiter was. Sadly, after a few weeks of fighting he did not make it. I am so glad I got to give him a loving home for his last few weeks and hate that he was lost solely due to human error. If he wouldn't have been overfed at the pet shop, he wouldn't have passed away.

But I'm happy to welcome my new handsome little pacman into my family and hope and pray everything goes well. I'm not going to lie, since this is my first time owning a frog other than the one that went terribly wrong, I am nervous! But I think all is going well. He's eating, loves to burrow, and seems content.

Also, super stoked about my praying mantis. I've been looking for one for over a year. I asked all around at last years reptile expo only to be told there were none available. So I was SO surprised when I saw this little guy at the show this year! Had to take him, and couldn't be happier with that decision.

Tomorrow I'm posting another video in regards to my hedgehog, got some news to share with you guys. Thank you so much and don't forget to subscribe! Helps me out a bunch and allows me to keep growing my channel to post more and more content!

THANK YOU FOR THE 42,000 SUBSCRIBERS!! I'm blown away with the amount of support and positive feedback I'm getting on my channel, it means SO much to me
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