Suburban Commando - Trailer

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Ordered to take a vacation on Earth, alien Shep Ramsey, a well-sculpted if somewhat dimwitted intergalactic hero, rents a room in a quiet American suburb and--unsuccessfully--tries to pass himself off as a foreigner to his landlord, his landlord's wife and their two kids. Ramseys stay isnt peaceful because he has such a keen sense of justice, which he dishes out to muggers, reckless drivers and even smart-aleck paper carriers. When intergalactic bounty hunters land on Earth Ramsey must fight to save his new friends--and the universe--from total destruction, Ramsey must become an alien Suburban Commando. Starring Hulk Hogan ("Rocky III," TV "WrestleMania"), Christopher Lloyd ("Back to the Future" trilogy, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"), Shelley Duvall ("The Shining," "Time Bandits"), and WWEs Mark "The Undertaker" Calaway. #Trailer #WB

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