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This is the big one. Probably the biggest thing happened to my channel yet.

Lots of info here, be sure to click show more if interested.

This is also why I haven't uploaded an animation for so long.

Making this entire thing was just insane. I have been working on this for the past 1.5 years, learning tons and tons of stuff about Blender and things like color and realism. Also, countless hours spent on studying references, art and film.

It is also the second most difficult project yet (topped only by NFM). Not only difficult in the sense of the word but also because every test took ages. Even preview renders are very slow in Blender. Compared to making all this, Source Filmmaker was smooth sailing.

I hope to be able to attain the resources needed for more render nodes so I could render with better quality and longer animations.

The entire animation took over two weeks to render. It took all of the 64 GB of RAM and 88 threads of my workstation to pull this off. GPU render was completely out of the question due to these RAM requirements (she has I believe OVER TEN MILLION fur and hair particles total).


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Song used:
Air to the Throne by Doug Maxwell

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