Drifting Race Crash - VR 360 Degrees Video Virtual Reality Car Accident

26 Jul 2016 02:10 30
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VR 360 Degree Video Virtual Reality Car Accident during a drifting race.
Video by Toyo Tyres - CC BY License
Please use your a Google Cardboard or Oculus Rift for a perfect VR video view.
Masato Kawabata had a mission to accomplish at the D1 GP TSUKUBA DRIFT 2016 held on June 25 and 26, 2016. Driving for Team TOYO TIRES DRIFT, Masato Kawabata was dead set on living up to his high level ranking of being the 2015 Series champion. At this event he got his car up to a maximum speed of 140km/h, but this high speed unfortunately led to a slight crash.

The 360° angle camera mounted on the right rear fender of Kawabata’s Nissan GT-R delivers all the exciting footage leading up to the shocking crash. The unique “wheel’s eye view” brings you right into all the tense atmosphere of that race — check out the realism as you see all that rubber smoke, the approach of the next car, the crash barriers coming up fast — it’s pretty awesome. The footage first shows a “tsuiso” with Hideyuki Fujino, and then the race with Daigo Saito.

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