The Weight of Us {Tarzan/Ariel; Disney Crossover}

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Started this way back in January but then I had to go back to uni and so wasn't able to finish it until now.

9th vid of these two and counting. Even I don't know how I'm still cranking out vids for them.

Like usual, the plot's pretty easy to understand but just to clear up any confusion:
Ariel sees Eric and it's love at first sight, likewise for Tarzan with Jane. Ariel's dreamed of becoming human all her life and it's Eric that gives her that last final push to actually do it. Her father's less than willing so she goes to Ursula. Meanwhile, Tarzan saves Jane and learns more about humans.
The deal Ariel makes with Ursula is that she can be human for a few days but will only remain human if she gets her true love's kiss. If she doesn't, she transforms back into a mermaid and belongs to Ursula. While hesitant, she eventually agrees and becomes human, instantly meeting Eric on the surface.
He takes her to his camp with Jane where she also meets Tarzan. Eric and Jane teach them how to dance where Tarzan starts to question his feelings for Jane, as he seems far more interested in Ariel. However, Ariel is still hopelessly in love with Eric until she sees a drawing of Tarzan that Jane drew.
She starts seeing him in a different light when she realises, years ago, she could have witnessed his parents deaths and tells him about it. As the news sinks in, Ariel returns to camp only to see Eric and Jane sharing an intimate moment and it dawns on her the two are actually a couple.
She becomes distraught knowing that she's going to turn back into a mermaid and be Ursula's prisoner. Tarzan comforts her and she decides to make the most of her time left and spends it with him, which only causes her feelings to grow.
When she turns back into a mermaid, everyone is shocked but Tarzan especially since he wasn't even aware of their existence. Confused and hurt, he runs away.
Ariel goes back to the ocean and is miserable with Ursula. Tarzan regrets acting so rashly and wishes they could be together.
When Ariel thinks she can take no more of Ursula's presence, Eric saves her and she returns to the surface world. (I figured everyone would work out her father transformed her, like in the film, and I didn't really want to show it since I have done in probably every other vid of these two and it was getting repetitive).

All song info is in the credits.

Thanks for watching!

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