How to Fix Rust Holes on a Budget Using Fibreglass - NO WELDING

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Video tutorial on how to repair rust holes on your vehicle’s body panels using fibreglass. Now before I get into it, as a disclaimer, this is a budget repair and when done correctly can last for a very long time. However with that being said, if you are wanting to restore a vehicle properly, than this isn’t the repair for you. This is a repair where it can be done at home, doesn’t cost a load of money or require any specialty tools, and can easily clean up your vehicle. Fibreglass is strong, so it won’t fall out like a body filler even when using the reinforcement mesh. The two main concerns with fibreglass is that it doesn’t expand or contract like metal, so a repair maybe visible. And it may have bonding issues with steel, so both these areas will be covered in this video. I have used this method in the past for low budget daily drivers without any issues and it held up great despite living in an area where vehicles are exposed to harsh winters.

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