Lavender - Period. (1999)

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"Fragrance", 1999 Matina.

Lavender formed in 1997. That October, the group made their debut on the "New Age Culture ~Dai Ichi Gakushou~ (第一楽章)" omnibus. In early 1998, Lavender signed to the legendary indies label, Matina, and then released their first demo, "Refrain", in August of 1998. The demo sold moderately well, and in early 1999, Lavender released their second demo, "Illusion", which also sold quite well in the visual underground. In October of 1999, Lavender released their only album, "Fragrance", which was a smash in the indies visual scene. Despite its impressive sales in the visual underground, Lavender unfortunately disbanded by late 1999. One of the guitarists for Lavender, Shinobu, went on to join another well known underground visual group, Zephyr, which also unfortunately split in 2005. In 2012, Zephyr was temporarily resurrected, which included Shinobu in the lineup. Unfortunately, this resurrection would prove to be short lived, as Zephyr mysteriously disappeared once more in 2013. Shinobu is presumed to have re-entered his visual retirement. The drummer of Lavender, Yusuke, went on to interestingly become a DJ in the indies band, Captain Double Lynch. As a member of Captain Double Lynch, he adopted the alias of Maru. However, when Captain Double Lynch disbanded in 2004, Maru retired from the visual scene. The other guitarist of Lavender, Syuren, and bassist Maki (麻輝) both went on to join the well known visual band, ZXS (ゼクス). However, when ZXS split in late 2002, Maki retired from the visual scene, while Syuren temporarily became a support guitarist for the legendary visual group, Doremidan (ドレミ團). He eventually departed from Doremidan as well, and then retired from the visual scene.

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