Art Director Chris Cox | Breakthrough Brits 2019

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Hugely creative from a young age, gaming was never something Chris thought he could have a career in, though he loved playing games like Mario Bros, where he could escape into and explore an interactive world full of baddies. He played in bands at university and was at a crossroads but after discussing careers with others, nothing stood out apart from art.

He finally combined his love of art and games through being an art director on projects for studios such as Preloaded and Loju, working with Luke Holland for the latter to create Ordia, conceiving creatures and environments for the primordial game, setting the style and designing many of the visual elements. Having worked on a number of projects both in and out of the gaming industry, Chris cites his most recent game, Assemble with Care at UsTwo Games, as the one which required him to utilise everything he had learned in his career to date, including visual development and graphic design, art direction and character design, which is his favourite. He is inspired by anything from people on the street and illustrators on Instagram to cartoons like Steven Universe and the style of les Fauves, especially Matisse.

Chris has always found BAFTA’s knowledge and support of the gaming industry to be inspiring and insightful, making sure that he plays as many of the BAFTA nominated games as possible highlighted at the award ceremony.

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