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===== ABOUT THIS SHOW =====

The next giant leap in human spaceflight is upon us! NASA and others have their sights set on the Red Planet — building the technology to get us there! Give your audiences an up-close look at humanity’s most epic endeavor. Explore the work being done around the globe to help make the dream of getting humans to Mars a reality. Fly through the International Space Station, where astronauts are already living and working in space. Follow the rockets and vehicles that will take humans beyond the Moon and, one day, all the way to Mars! Travel along as we imagine this remarkable journey.

Narrated by Keith David and Dr. Mae C. Jemison
Produced by Museum of Science, Boston
Distributed by Loch Ness Productions

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The VR Dome Theater provides immersive 360° spherical videos -- to desktop screens, portable devices, and VR headsets. Experience the fulldome movies you might see at your local planetarium -- from the comfort of your own chair!

There are thousands of planetarium theaters around the world. Under their domes, audiences take in the sights and sounds of the universe -- stars and galaxies, planets and moons. People learn the ways of science and nature. And they revel in enlightening and entertaining artistic and musical performances. We thought, "How can we provide the same great planetarium cinema theater experience to people's screens, devices, and VR headsets?"

So, in 360° spherical video, we created a virtual dome theater. The seats are in the bottom half of the sphere; above, the dome show plays on the top half -- just like in a real planetarium. You, the viewer, are positioned at the center (the prime location). The seat backs often recline in real planetarium theaters, so you don't have to crane your neck too much to look up at the dome. In the Vera Rubin VR Dome Theater, we tilted the dome forward to compensate, which actually simulates the layout in many real-world tilted dome theaters.

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