GTA 5 pc Stuttering and FPS drops when driving. (solved)

17 Apr 2015 02:06 17
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So from day one im having an issue seen above for about a minute or so the game runs fine at about 40-50 FPS after that the game starts to stutter and the frame rate goes down to well almost 0. Its fine when im walking or running but the fps drop starts when im driving.


Nvidia GF GTX 260 with extended V ram to 1,7 gig
AMD Athlon II 3,06 Ghz X4 640
6 Gb DDR 3 Ram 1333
Win 7 with SP 1
All drivers are up to date.

All settings are set to minimum.

Sorry about the crude video techinque but i did not want use fraps so it would not slow down even further.

So far no one has found a fix for this even Rockstar did not fix this in the recent update the 331 build, and i have to say it is not my PC i've seen people with rigs more powerfull than mine and have the same problem.

Update: Possible fix, worked for some people, not for me. Maybe it will work for you. Nvidia Cards only.

The thing that fixed it for me was two things. Adding more ram, now i have four sticks of ram two are 2 gig's and the other are 1 gig's so now i have 6 gigs of ram. The other fix came i think from the recent patch of the game. I am gonna leave this video up so maybe other fixes for other isues come arround.

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