HobbyKing Go Discover wing (part 2) flight test

02 Dec 2016 05:50 82
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Fixed-wing Friday this week is part 2 of the HobbyKing Go Discover wing review: the flight test.

Once the launch issues were addressed, the wing flew very nicely and needed only a couple of clicks of up-trim for level-flight, hands-off.

I deliberately reduced the throws because I was having another "shaky-thumbs" day but I think I probably over-did it and will be adding more elevator and aileron throw.

The model grooves very nicely but, as I thought, there was some jello caused by vibration. the standard prop/hub was out of balance and this didn't improve when I replaced the blades with some carbon fiber ones I had. Balancing that prop/hub is a "must do".

I like this model and will be flying it a lot this summer as I test out a bunch of FPV gear.

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