Should Doctors Prescribe Nature Instead Of Drugs?

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Scientists have found that just being around nature can benefit our health in major ways. What exactly does nature do to our bodies?

Do We REALLY Need To Go Outside? -

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Green Space and Mortality Following Ischemic Stroke

"Over half of the world's population live in urban areas, and the majority of population growth over the next four decades is expected to occur in cities. Most but not all studies have reported that access to green space in urban areas is associated with improved overall well-being, including benefits related to both physical and mental health."

The Unlikely Health Benefits Of Walking In The Woods

"It's no secret that a walk in the woods can be great for boosting your mood. But a burgeoning group of nature enthusiasts say it can do much more - including strengthen immunity, lower blood pressure, increase your ability to focus, and ultimately lower health-care costs if done regularly."

A Review of the Health Benefits of Greenness

"In this review, we found fairly strong evidence for a positive association between greenness and physical activity, and a less consistent negative association between greenness and body weight."


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Written by: Molly Nevola

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