Training rounds in BJJ when you're older

16 Apr 2016 04:36 3
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So this is near and dear to my heart because it happened to me. I was at a school in Texas for about 5 years where we never trained rounds. We just rolled until someone tapped and changed partners at our leisure.

I moved back to California and was in for a rude awakening when we started doing eight 6 minute rounds. I was gassed after two rounds and was getting demolished by blue belts (I was a black belt). It was demoralizing and really made me question if I wanted to keep training. Granted I was being a little dramatic and had some injuries, but I thought what is the point of continuing something after 16 years if I’m still so bad at it?

Watch the training rounds in BJJ video below to see what I did.

training rounds in bjj
old man jiu jitsu

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