We Need To Cut Draco Malfoy Some Slack

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Fans were a little less than overjoyed by the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The Star Wars movie franchise is as popular as it’s ever been, but their last release was met with a less than stellar response. That’s why many believe this next, and perhaps final, instalment of the franchise is going to totally make up for everything they missed in the last. In The Last Jedi, they made an attempt to steer things in a slightly new direction. They strayed away from the formula that’s been tried, tested and true. As a result, fans are expecting a slew of exactly what they want in The Rise Of Skywalker.

In this video, we’ll theorize what sort of movie The Rise Of Skywalker will be. What can we expect, and what will be different? We’ll break down the latest trailer, as well as dig through all the most popular plot theories that exist. With Disney+ launching shortly and a slew of content on the way, this film might be the most highly anticipated of them all.

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