KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE - Episode 119: Into the Musical Score

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Let the Soriku fans explode.

To those feeling confused between the switching between Sora and Riku—I won't go too much into details to avoid spoilers for those who aren't familiar with this title, but keep in mind that it's not like Sora and Riku are visiting the same world, in the same realm, at the same time.
Sora is in a realm; Riku is in another. This isn't like Birth by Sleep.
Sora and Riku do visit the same world, but the events happening to both of them are totally different. The cast of characters met by Sora is not the same met by Riku, even though they're the same people.

There are, indeed, a few exceptions where Sora's/Riku's actions do have an impact on the world visited by the other, which will be shown when the time comes.
But it's not like Sora must complete a world before Riku or vice versa to be consistent or anything. That's how the game (and the actual plot) needs to work.


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KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE is an incredibly massive project I've been wanting to do forever. The only thing that was stopping me from actually working on it was the still-incomplete plot of the χ[chi] portion of the whole saga, which is also the most confusing one. However, I did want to deliver this before the release of KINGDOM HEARTS 3, so we could have the perfect road to the final chapter of the Xehanort saga at our disposal and relive, together, all of the chapters in a definitive and never-seen-before way.
KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE is, in fact, different by any other playthroughs or projects around because it is composed of all the Kingdom Hearts titles released so far placed in chronological order. Beware – the events are actually settled chronologically. Which means that every single cutscene and/or gameplay part will follow the exact order of the events of the saga. For instance, the birth of Vanitas will be shown before the Mark of Mastery exam, and so on.
Every episode will start with a screen showing a complete timeline I created purposely for this project.

KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE doesn't want to be a simple movie made of cutscenes. If It were to be like that, there wouldn't be anything special about it. This project actually started as a playthrough, giving, of course, priority to story content.
Sitting and watching a 25 minutes video made of cutscenes we've been watching for a decade is just as boring as anything else. Gameplay bits have been thoughtfully placed to make sure you won't fall asleep when watching, giving their contribute for a more immersive experience. They are necessary for keeping people interested and entertained in a never-seen-before way to re-live the saga, watching multiple characters fighting at the same time, as well as showcasing the worlds and the variety of enemies we'll encounter through all the titles.

Finding the right balance is not easy and not always possible –due to countless technical restrictions related to music, episode length and such– just as it's not easy having everyone thinking alike. Of course, I can't make everyone happy, but I did want to point this out.

Lastly, I want you guys to know that the amount of effort being put for this is massive. There are countless hours of work and dedication I've spent (and still spending) for this, for something we all love and care about. My channel is, after all, always been made of this – content that will grant you one of the best levels of knowledge and enjoyment of the Kingdom Hearts saga – and, as much as it's stressful having to translate every Japanese Union χ [Cross] episode, I still do that to deliver the latest story updates of the saga for you.
My main goal is working as much professionally as I can and add details where normally people wouldn't add. Not liking a content is totally fine, whereas insulting and posting offensive comment is not. There is nothing worse than spending your own time to show dedication for something we all love and see offensive reactions coming back at you. For this whole project to be completed, suggestions and questions coming from fans are well accepted and needed. If you do think this deserves appreciation, leaving a Like on the video is more than enough to me. Thank you for reading all of this, and please enjoy!

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