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Hey guys, welcome back to Ableton Online. We are diving right into Lesson 6, side chain part 1. So we’ve covered the essentials, equeue and compression. Hopefully, you're starting to get a sense of how important both of those effects processing devices are going to be in crafting, and in crafting and sculpting your tracks, okay, and it was a lot of information and we kind of dove into the nitty gritty side of things. Ahh, a, a lot of details, uhhm.

Now we’re gonna have a little bit of fun, uhhm. You guys have all probably heard side chain on your favorite records whether you realize it or not. There are two different ways to side chain and the first way, using a compressor in a creative way as an effect you've definitely heard on records before. The second way, the second use of side chaining is more of a mix technique, we’re gonna touch on that briefly but if you've done well by the producer or the engineer, you probably wouldn’t have heard it. That’s the beauty of it, it’s called ducking, okay, so let’s get into side chaining.

So the first example I'm going to use, to demonstrate the concept of side chaining is going to be a white noise sample, okay, that “whoosh” kind of sound you hear on a lot of records, okay, and I'm gonna start off with very simply, an actual white noise sample. So what I'm gonna do is, included in the assets for this lesson, should be a white noise sample, okay, and what I'm gonna do is, I have my white noise sample just right on the desktop. So what I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna grab an instrument, okay, and I'm gonna grab a simpler, opps, I'm gonna, a simpler, I'm gonna drop it into the empty space where it says drop files and devices here, okay.

I'm gonna go ahead and option command r just to review to get rid of my return tracks and I am going to grab that white noise sample, it’s on my desktop but it should be in the folder that unzips when you download the zip file of the assets for this unit or for this specific lesson, okay, and I've got that white noise sample. Now I can go ahead and solo that and I'm gonna go ahead and just high pass this at 24 decibels inactive when it cover the specifics of simpler in detail, in a future lesson in the next module in fact and I'm just dialing this sound in, okay.

So that what I can do is, go in here and just go to c3 which is gonna be where my unaffected if you remember simpler note is gonna be. I'm just gonna drag that out, okay, and I'm gonna duplicate the loop and I wanna make this a, a 4 bar loop, okay. So I'm just getting rid of those, I'm gonna go ahead and zoom in here so you can see this a little bit better and using my again to review my command, to, to get my wider grid, okay.

So what I'm gonna do is roll that off a bit more, okay, turn it up a little bit and now I've got something to which I can side chain, okay. So I've got a constant steady sustained tone of some sort, okay, and the side chain you’ve heard on records before is most likely the easy most easily identifiable at least version of side chaining is gonna be that “weooh weoohh” pumping sound, okay. So what I'm gonna do is, I need something to trigger this side chain, okay. So the first thing I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna grab a compressor and throw it on a track that I want to have that side chained effect, okay....

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