[S5] Rank 1 EU DH - Tier 84 Solo [Shi Mizu LoN]

09 Feb 2016 15:33 26
184 9

Had some more fun with the Shi Mizu setup and decided to skip Tier 83 after doing some optimizations on the build. After my first run on 82 I realized that Death's Bargain is not really needed, so I swapped it for Hexing Pants and made it much more like the non-SMH version, which allowed me to use Leoric's Crown and roll two more items to AD instead of CDR. This nets ~1.5 Tiers more damage overall but obviously makes getting into Shi Mizu range much more difficult.

I used about 20 keys for this clear, the potential of the build with my Paragon (1483+606) should be around 86 with maybe 100-200 keys, if I get an usable Hellfire, Ess of Johan or Eye of Etlich probably around 87. The map was good but the monster type is very mediocre for the build because they don't follow you around easily, and the pylons were extremely underwhelming too. I might do another one or two rankings with this build before I switch again.

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Billy Talent - Fallen Leaves
Linkin Park - New Divide

Profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/wudijo-2228/hero/71395677
Clan (EU): http://zeroempathy.net/
Livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/wudijo

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