Ask GN 96: What *is* W/mK? GN's Transparency Policy?

12 Aug 2018 35:59 252
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This Ask GN defines thermal conductivity (W/mK) and explains thermal paste performance, liquid metal corrosion, and whether thermal paste should be replaced on a GPU.
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02:19 - The Crimson Pinch: “#askgn-questions Are there any plans to restock the GN pint glass? They were gone before I could get some.”

02:45 - Steve Streza: “#askgn-questions What does watts-per-meter-kelvin mean to a consumer? Is it directly correlated to performance for a given TIM (e.g. a higher number means better thermals)? Is it something that casual overclockers should concern themselves with or is it mostly for the benefit of extreme overclockers? The term has come up several times when talking about various TIMs and it would be useful to know how we as consumers should be using that information.”

10:45 – Brammm: “#askgn-questions @Steve Burke When asking questions here, should we prefix them with the #askgn-questions hash tag/mention you? On a more serious note: regarding the office: can you share some plans, previews of how you want to decorate the sets? Are you gonna go all stylish like LTT, all humble brag like Jay or something else? You've mentioned the tables and the tool wall and in a previous video, you mentioned Adam Savage's workshop: any plans to try building something like that?”

14:22 - Swift – Silver: “#AskGN If I passively cool my whole pc (cpu, gpu, psu) will it heat up my room any/at all??”

18:36 – Savage: “#askgn-questions Should you replace the thermal paste on graphics cards that are a few years old, even if they're high end models? Also would the thermal pads be reusable, or would new ones of similar thickness need to be purchased?”

21:31 – Metallus: “#askgn-questions Your opinion about corrosion from Liquid metal on a copper heatsink? I am getting the new ThrottleBook Pro (:D /need Mac OS for work). I want to squeeze out every bit of performance I can get. But I hav e read manny things about bad corrosion on copper heatsinks, idon’t wanna damage this expensive thing...”

25:24 – kintustis: “#AskGN I have a few questions about power efficiency in cpus: Would it be more power efficient to run a cpu at a higher percentage load at a lower clock, or at a lower percentage load at a higher clock? For example, does a 2.0 GHz cpu running at 100% load use less power than the same cpu at 4.0ghz under 50% load? (assuming the same type of workload)”

28:44 - N7Trekkie: “#askGN I just saw that you show your patreon revenue publicly. Not many creators do this and I applaud you for it. Do you think this level of transparency will go away in the future as you grow?”

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