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3 minute teaser of our dome film The Ark made for the Lab powered by HP at Panorama Music Festival on Randall's Island 2017


A Dirt Empire Production

Written and Directed by: Bobo Do & Nicholas Rubin

Produced by: Nicholas Rubin & Stefan Moore

Lead Animators: Eddy Moya, Peter Panton, Bobo Do

Assistant Animators: Sammy Hooper, Spencer Griswald

Music: Danny Bensi & Saunder Jurriaans

Music mix: Phil McGowan @ McGowan Soundworks, Ltd

Music recorded at Pulse Music NYC
Additional music recorded at Gary’s Electric

Vocal Ensemble and additional vocal arrangements: Black Sea Hotel

Additional music: Chase Deso

L-ISA Mix: Carlos Mosquera @ L-Acoustics

Music Engineers: Al Carlson (Gary's Electric), Robin Buyer (Pulse Music)

Orchestra Contractor: Adriana Molello

Violin: Francesca Dardani, Allyson Clark, Sarah Franklin, Amanda Lo, Carolin Pook, Alex Weill

Viola: Tia Allen, Laura Sacks

Cello: Jillian Annie Bloom, Sam Quiggins, Bobbie Lee Crow III, Nelly Rocha

Bass: Lorenzo Sandi, Christopher Johnson

Trombones: Nick Grinder, Dan Lehner, Jason Disu, Jennifer Hinkle

French Horns: Shelagh Abate, Ben Brody

Tuba: Chanell Crichlow

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