WHY Pilots Fly This Instead Of An Helicopter l AutoGyro Cavalon

15 Feb 2019 08:09 659
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Today we are checking out the Cavalon gyroplane from Autogyro USA. I got a chance to speak to one of the pilots at the US sport aviation expo this past month. Gyroplanes are very intriguing, a futuristic aircraft to say the least. But according to Bob, this types of aircraft have actually been flying since the bringing of aviation history.

Gyroplanes or gyrocopters are more popular in Europe than they are in the US, and AutoGyro USA is trying to change that. This aircraft is more for the pilot who just wants to have fun flying. It has amazing short takeoff and landing capabilities especially on a windy day. Like the day of this interview where winds were gusting over 25 mph. A gyroplane like the Cavalon would take off nicely in about 10 ft.

The aircraft is a 2 seater, powered by a Rotax 912, 914 or 915 engine. Depending on your power output, expect to see climb out rates of 1200 ft/min. The aircraft shown in this video is in the experimental category. As per pricing, you’re looking at about $125,000 and up.

For more on the Cavalon, visit http://autogyrousa.com

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