RadRover 52V Battery Upgrade Tutorial! Electric Bike Mod

06 Sep 2017 09:51 30
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Purchased my RadRover about 2 weeks ago, and I have loved it! I was reading about the benifits of a 52v battery over the 48v battery decided I wanted to upgrade. I also wanted a longer range, so I swapped my stock 48v 11.6 AH battery to a 52V 15AH battery and I love it! Very noticeable increase in power. I will test the range tomorrow on my way to work and see how it does.

Rad Power Bikes: www.radpowerbikes.com

CaliBike 52V Battery: http://calibike.com/product/52v15t-electric-bicycle-ebike-52v-15ah-lithium-triangle-pack-battery-and-charger-1-yr-warranty-copy/

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