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Many artists choose art to add to their glory.
Only through a very few artists, ART chooses to express its own glory.
Pazhani Shri Subramania Pillai is one such rare expression of ART.

This album analyses the mastery of this Mridangam Legend over Laya. It vividly unfurls through his own thani avarthanams as well as his performance as accompanist for ace musicians like Shri G N B, Ariyakkudi Shri Ramanujam Iyengar, Madurai Shri Mani Iyer and Semmangudi Shri Srinivasa Iyer etc., various facets of his virtuosity. His own renowned disciples like Trichy Shri Sankaran, Shri K.S. Kalidas and Guruvayur Shri Dorai, his Grand Disciples like Shri K. Arun Prakash and Mannarkoil Shri J Balaji, Veteran musicians, scholars and music patrons like Smt R. Vedavalli, Shri B . M . Sundaram, Shri Kittappa as also Shri Lalitha Ram, author of the biography on Pazhani Shri Subramania Pillai narrate with awe the sublime beauty and the inimitable majesty of his master craftsmanship. Audio Clippings from doyens like Lalgudi Shri G Jayaraman, Palakkadu Shri Raghu, Shri T K Murthy and Shri J Venkataraman on Shri Pillai have also been used at appropriate places in this DVD. This DVD also contains bonus chapters on Pazhani Shri Subramaniya Pillai’s 8 Minute Thani Avarthanam and his fusion titled 'When Mridangam played Jazz' .

Shri K.S. Kalidas, one of the direct disciples of Shri Pillai is providing this album as a samarpanam to his Pujya Guru with humility and devotion. A retired engineer from IndianRailway Service Shri KSK is on a mission to spread the glorious bhani of his Guru.

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