Compact professional sound system complete karaoke system

07 Mar 2014 11:32 7
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Customized system for a customer that needed to combine both compact ability, yet have a bigger sound for being compact. Featuring the Peavey PV115D Powered Speakers, Alto ZMX124 fx live sound mixer, (2) Audio2000 Awm6547du wireless microphones, compact karaoke laptop with full software and complete karaoke library. Typically we do not recommend the smaller laptops like this, yet because the customer is simply going to use this for home karaoke, it was worth getting a karaoke library in exchange for the smaller, less powerful computer. If this customer was to go pro, we would suggest a $150-300 price increase in the computer. This video was made to help the consumer understand every aspect of their new system. One thing we wanted to point out that we touched basis on is the difference between having a few components that you put on a table and having a completely built system. The completely built systems are more money, yet a much cleaner and simple setup whereas the component based may be lower priced, yet you deal with many cables hanging over the table. It comes down to the customers preference as sometimes it is totally worth saving money to put up with the additional plug-ins, etc.

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