Monster High Dramah: FrankieWeenie

14 Oct 2012 49:11 2,677
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If your best friend ran your dog over with her car, how far would you go to bring him back?
After Sparky gets hit with a car (LOL Draculaura STILL can't drive), Frankie uses what her science teacher taught her to bring him back. But when the secret gets out, Sparky, and Frankie, are in terrible danger.

Okay, okay, it's suuuuuuuuper long. But you HAVE to watch the whole thing, it's probably the best one yet!

Ps: Frankie X Holt? OTP!!!!!!!! (One True Pairing)

Best parts:

What woke up my neighbors: 0:42
The dead frog I found at the bottom of Katy's swimming pool: 1:50
Frankie goes crazy: 9:21
Spectra X C. A. Cupid-- Best. Crack. Ship. EVER!!!!!!!! : 13:18
Banana Mario is STILL looking for the science fair: 20:20
Conversation w/Frankie's Mom: 24:59
Holt makes half the school faint because of his nudity: 36:43
I hate Spongebob so much I quoted him: 37:35
Holt's "colorful" speech: 42:23
I put my dolls in a box and leave them on my neighbor's sidewalk: 47:49

Yes, last summer I found a dead frog at the bottom of Katy's swimming pool, so I kept it in a jar of rubbing alchahol. Weird much? YES. I AM VERY WEIRD. Problem? o3o

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