Risky Jobs: The Lift Fixer

23 Feb 2019 04:21 190
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Action movie stars scale lift shafts or jump atop elevator cars in blockbusters like the Matrix. But for lift technician Mohammad Hazri, the dangers of getting electrocuted by high-voltage wires, slipping and plummeting 30 storeys, or getting fingers or limbs caught on moving parts are all part of the job. He troubleshoots HDB lift stalls that can be caused by careless litter or playful children.

#OnTheRedDot’s new series “Risky Business” looks at jobs in Singapore where individuals risk their lives every time they go to work - possibly some of the world's most dangerous jobs. Yet, they keep putting themselves in harm’s way to keep our lives running smoothly. The series profiles rope access workers, commercial divers, lift technicians and cargo ship operators.

FULL EPISODE: https://cna.asia/2SVFdlE


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