Most MYSTERIOUS Treasures Found In The Ocean!

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Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS Treasures Found In The Ocean! From secret hidden treasures deep on the ocean floor to other lost discoveries made underwater, this top 10 list of ancient sea treasures will amaze you!

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10. The SS Republic
The SS Republic, which was originally named the SS Tennessee, was a sidewheel steamship that sank on its way to New Orleans in October of 1865 when it was hit by a hurricane. At the time it had been carrying a cargo of gold coins and supplies intended for use following the Civil War, but even though most of the crew survived, its treasures sunk to the bottom of the sea.

9. The Titanic
The Titanic disaster went on to become one of the most well-known tales in maritime history… but it would be 73 years following that fateful night before the wreckage was found. While it wasn't full of gold or antiques, its place in legend makes it one of the most amazing treasures to have ever been found in the ocean.

8. The Esmeralda
In 1499, the Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama led the first fleet to travel from Europe to India. Searching for new trade routes, they set sail again in 1502, but two ships never made it back. They had become caught in a storm off the coast of an island near modern-day Oman and sank along with their entire crew and cargo.

7. The SS Gairsoppa
In 1941, the SS Gairsoppa was returning to Britain from India on behalf of the Ministry of War Transport when it was struck by a torpedo from a Nazi U-boat and sank about 300 miles off the south-west coast of Ireland. Of its 84 crew members, only one survived after almost 2 weeks at sea in a lifeboat… but the location of the ship and the supplies it was carrying was lost.

6. The Belitung Shipwreck
First discovered in 1998 by Indonesian fishermen who were diving for sea cucumbers, the Belitung Shipwreck is the name given to an Arabian sailing vessel known as a “dhow” which had sunk while en route from China to Africa in the year 830.

5. The Caesarea Treasure
In February of 2015, a diver was swimming in the waters off the coast of the Israeli port town of Caesarea when he noticed something glimmering in the sand below. At first thinking it was a piece of trash that had been stirred up in the storm the night before, he swam down to retrieve it, but this was no piece of foil… it was a gold coin with Arabic script written on both sides.

4. The Nuestra Senora de Atocha
Mel Fisher is known as one of the most notorious treasure hunters, and his greatest find came in 1985 when he discovered the wreck of the Nuestra Senora de Atocha. The ship had originally set sail in September of 1622 as part of the Tierra Firme flota, which consisted of 20 ships that were transporting soldiers, provisions, and treasure from Cuba back to Spain. The fleet was hit by a hurricane as it passed through the Florida Straits, and 8 of the ships were sunk.

3. The Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes
The Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes was a Spanish Navy frigate that was carrying treasures back to Spain from Uruguay. It was sunk during the battle of Cape Santa Maria when a single shot from a British ship struck its magazine, which caused a large explosion in the hull. At least 250 crew were lost, and the survivors were all taken as prisoners.

2. The Bom Jesus
The Namibian desert has been a popular place for treasure hunters ever since German prospectors first found diamonds there in 1908, but in 2008 a miner found something far more valuable… the remains of a ship that had been missing for more than 500 years.

1. The SS Central America
The SS Central America was one of many steamships that transported goods along the East Coast of the Americas in the 19th century, but the loss of it in a hurricane in 1857 has been blamed for triggering a global financial crisis, and even a war. The reason for this is the substantial cargo it was carrying at the time. Often referred to as ‘The Ship of Gold’, it had been loaded with 30,000 pounds of gold to be taken from California to New York to help stabilise the struggling banking institutions.

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