15 Strict Rules Goku's Kids Need To Follow In Dragon Ball

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The Rules Goku’s Sons Gohan and Goten Must Follow In Dragon Ball

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Like father like son, the son clan is a strong, tightly knit family. We’ve talked about the similarities the kids of Dragon Ball have to their parents in Dragon Ball Z and Super, but how about we look towards the son family with Goku, Gohan and Goten. Would anyone have guessed that Goku would father not one, but two sons? We mean, yeah, he’s a looker, but Goku isn’t really father material. Maybe this is why Piccolo looked after both of them more than he did.

Goku’s parenting withstanding, The Son kids are an interesting pair. They’ve led unique and amazing lives that far surpass what Goku went through as a kid. However, despite having adventures in two different sagas, Gohan and Goten share a lot with their father and a lot with each other. Aside from the obvious genetic similarities like hair and whatnot, they also inherited his signature ability, the Kamehameha, and have gone super saiyan and beyond in a shorter time frame than Goku. It’s safe to say that one day the kids will surpass the father one day. However, today, we’ll look at some of the strict and strange rules both Gohan and Goten had to follow as sons of Goku. What makes them similar, what makes them better than Goku? All of these subjects and more will be up for discussion. If you want more content like this, be sure to subscribe to CBR and hit the bell icon to stay up to date.


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