My OLD Cringey Animations Comp xd

31 May 2018 00:46 3
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Idk why I'm posting this xd
These are videos I found on my old phone-
I probably made these at the age of 11-12??
Or 10-11??? ._.
I don't really remember, honestly-
But yeah these are OLD
And most of them are ponies xdddd

I started to animate at that time
But after I use my new phone, I never really animate nor interested in animating again
I started to animate again when I create this channel ._.
My first posted animation is probably the first animation I've done after a pretty long time idk


After thinking about it, I start to wonder how in the world did I manage to improve without even practicing for a long time-

A lot of ppl said they love my animations qwq
I'm showing you this video so you know that I also sucked at animating at very beginning
Even though right now I'm still not a master at animating or something like that, and my animations now are probably still cringey
But hey, this is a proof that everyone can improve
So no need to be sad if you think you're not very good at something, because you will improve later ;3;


I'm too lazy to copy and paste my desc ending xd

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