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Mr Bean bites down on a piece of popcorn, causing him much pain. He thinks that pulling out his painful tooth will resolve his problems. However, after he pulls out his tooth in many different ways, it makes a whistling sound every time he breathes through his mouth.

A case of mistaken identity lands Bean in prison and the escaped convict pretends to be Mr Bean! The real Bean ends up in prison and makes a teddy with dough while the impostor is forced by Mrs. Wicket to do Rockery except failed to realized that the "Bean" she saw was a fake.

The Fly
t's a hot summer's night and a fly enters Mr. Bean's flat, keeping him awake.

A Royal Makeover
Mr Bean redecorates his room, making it fit for a queen, and goes too far when he names it "The Palace". Mrs Wicket, seeing this as an opportunity to gain money (due to lack of funds to pay her bills), becomes the queen and makes Mr. Bean her slave, until he gets fed up with it and exposes Mrs. Wicket for the faker she is.

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