Gamers Tell All! - GAME LAB Behind The Scenes

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What made it into the episodes of Game Lab was great, but what happened behind the camera was just as insane! This special BTS episode shows all the moments we couldn't get into the main series, including everyone almost being eaten by an ostrich, stabbed with a sword, or run over by CaptainSparklez' car! We had a fantastic time making this series and wanted to share some of our favorite moments as well as the incredible dedication of the crew throughout the whole project. We couldn't have done this show without every one of the people you see in this episode, so show them some love!

And when you're done with that, start diving into the 360 episodes at every location where we filmed, either taking you deeper into the action or recreating the game itself for you to experience. Why are you still reading this? Go watch them! ►►

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