4K - Amtrak, Coaster, and BNSF Trains All Around San Diego County - Spring 2017

20 May 2017 12:12 7
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Over the past few months, I've been in and out of railfanning here in San Diego. With the purchase of my new 4K Camcorder, I've been trying to get more footage and test shots with it, especially here in the San Diego area. Amtrak, Coaster, and BNSF trains are all featured here in this video, with some special suprises from BNSF featured as well!

Starting at Sorrento Valley, Amtrak #564 passes through the station, with the Silver Splendor CB&Q dome car at the rear. Skipping ahead a few weeks, a rare daytime Northbound BNSF auto train passes through heading to Clovis, NM. With more construction going on, it's becoming more and more common to see these BNSF trains running during the daytime. Lastly, a BNSF Daygo passes through Sorrento Valley with 2 very special suprises. 2 CSXT locomotives came into San Diego the night before, a very uncommon sight here!

Old Town is up next, with Amtrak #583 pulling in for it's regular station stop. The Silver Splendor is also featured, as it heads back up north to LA. Great horn action from the engineer, really holding it down!

I spent most of my time at Middletown (Palm Street), which is where we will visit next. Various Amtrak and Coaster trains pass by.

Lastly, went down to the Santa Fe depot for a few Amtrak trains.

Thanks for watching!!
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